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Entry #1

im back !! some new projects

7/1/13 by mitzufi

hello my name is mitzufi, when i was 4 i discvered newgrounds and i was totally in loved with it, 9 years later in a accident i came to the site again and then a deja vus and flashbacks started going into mi head, i decided i want to be a digital artist and animator and it was then when i started to do some animation lessons on the web. now when im ready enough to do this,
i want to start upolading my own submissions i learnd a lot (java programming,game desighn,digital art,animation and music) and i think im ready now to start doing my own shit but my graphic tablet is getting fixed right now because it was broke (by my younger brother) and it will be ready to go in a few days and because now its summer so i can work full time on my stuff and share it with you guys. i hope you will support me in my "quest" for making my ideas alive!
soon there will be two short animations, a platformer game on newgrounds and this will be my submissions (the concepts and the writings are ready) im building a home studio with some money i got for multi media works (video games,animation and music)

Lev Mitzufi


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I look forward to seeing your work, welcome back